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Age is No Excuse to Avoid a Real Debate

The word ‘teenager’ has become synonymous with laziness, disrespect, recklessness and stupidity. Although, I can think of many examples that would seem to verify this stereotype, I argue that the use of the words ‘teenager’ and ‘child’ in order to belittle ideas, feelings and opinions, is simply ageism and worse than that, it’s a kind of prejudice that seems to be accepted in society. I feel it shouldn’t be and should be… Read More

Age 16 I can consent to sex – why am I being asked for parental consent for my image to be used online?

I live on the Isle of Man. I turned 16 five months ago and since then have been partaking in many of the privileges that brings in my nation, for example; I have a learners’ permit for a car; live largely independent from my parents; hold my own bank account; have (until lockdown) been enjoying aeroplane travel alone without assistance; will be able to vote (when the next election is held); have… Read More

The Most Powerful Psychological Technique (How You Can Use It)

What is the loss aversion bias and how can you use it in your copy? First, let me tell you a little story. Only earlier today it was so hot. Me and my girlfriend went to the beach and got some Ice cream as you do. Then the unforgivable happened. A big blob of ice cream fell and it’s like I saw it fall in slow motion. Everyone knows the tragedy of… Read More

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