How to Lose Weight

I’m not going to go into detail introducing you to this post. There’s the title, here is the answer. I’ll give you a formula but it must be applied. I’ll tell you how. After all, what’s the point in information without implementation.

Calorie Deficit

The most important aspect is to be in a caloric deficit.

What’s a caloric deficit?

A caloric deficit is simply consuming less calories than the amount required to maintain body weight.

A deficit can be created in 2 ways:

  1. Reducing the calories you consume.
  2. Exercise of any sort.

How many calories do I need to maintain my body weight?

To find that out you need a calorie calculator. Here is a link to the best one I have used below. Enter your details and you will promptly get a result of how many calories you need to take to maintain your weight and also to lose weight.

I do not recommend consuming the calories for extreme fat loss because reaching and sustaining a healthy weight is not temporary, it’s a lifestyle. It means that you’re eating and exercise habits will become integrated into your life. This is how to directly resolve the roots of any weight loss issues. I’m not going to tell you to walk around any issues by telling you to try different diets or to pay for overpriced workout programmes. F*** diets.

No online calorie calculator is going to be 100% accurate. However, the calculator gives you a good idea of how many calories you need to be consuming. If you do this, you will undoubtedly lose weight. When you do, you will need to use the calorie calculator again. Check it every few weeks.

Remember! Weight loss is a slow process and it’s important to accept fluctuations in your weight. Your weight can fluctuate considerably even in just a day. It won’t always be a steady journey which is why it’s important to be patient and focus on making these important lifestyle changes into habits. I have an article which goes into more detail on how exactly to do this:

Get a calorie tracker

Getting a calorie tracker will make your life much easier. Install the free app – lifesum.

In the app it will ask you to fill in some details and enter your goal weight. Having an achievable goal will make it much easier. It’s very simple to use, just add what foods and drinks you consume and it will automatically tell you how many calories it is. Keep to your daily caloric intake and you will eventually see results.

Walk the Damn Dog

If there’s a fat dog, do we give it green tea and slimming pills? No. It’s clearly had too many biscuits and not enough walks. Why should we be any different?

You don’t need to run a marathon (I’ll save that for another post), just go out for more walks. Make the most of the one time daily exercise we have at the moment. Walks are great because they dip into fat reserves and burn stored fat according to Dr Zoe Williams. You can expect to burn over a hundred calories from a walk over half hour.

Of course, the harder you work at this and the more time you prioritise, the more results you’ll see sooner. Going out for jogs are of course a great way to lose weight. But I see people that aim to go out to do a few km everyday and then beat themselves up if they don’t feel like it one day. Just do something and go for a walk. If running does interest you, I have valuable content that will help you achieve your running goals here:

Call to Action

1. Calculate your goal calorie intake with the calorie calculator.

2. Install the lifesum app and enter your info.

3. Take a walk.


This post is written by Marley. I’ve been what some people would call obsessed with the gym. With years of experience, consuming research articles, learning from experts in nutrition and fitness and giving talks as well as an A level in sports science, I have seen results in myself and other people.

Living a healthy lifestyle at a healthy weight is supposed to make you happy. If you are feeling stressed or tired then it’s likely something about your lifestyle that needs to be tweaked.

Little by little, a little becomes a lot.

Tanzanian Proverb

Yes, it will take time and appropriate prioritisation of time to adjust your lifestyle. But what’s a better thing to prioritise than your body and your happiness?

Nobody is too busy, it’s just a matter of priorities.

Some wise guy

These are what I have come to find as the fundamentals you must know to lose weight and you will lose weight over time if you follow my call to action. However, I will be doing more articles in the future to help you optimise your hormone levels, consistently accelerate your metabolic rate and simplified nutrition tips; all to aid in losing weight. So follow our blog and keep an eye out for upcoming content fellow amigos.

If you have any specific questions, do ask below or ping us an email. Happy to help 🙂

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