Top Fashion Trends of Summer 2020

We’ve put together a line up of the top fashion trends of Summer 2020 to help you get online shopping for your summer holidays.


Neutrals are far from boring, a beige or nude colored outfit is very elegant and dare I say it, oh so sophisticated. These colors can be the whole foundation of your wardrobe. With these hues, you’ll find that everything always matches and you can wear them over and over again and people won’t even notice. A simple approach would be to pair beige with either white or black and throw on some gold accessories to complete the look.


Women around the world have tried to emulate Parisian style for years. It’s effortless, distinctive — and has me wondering if there’s something in the water. The ‘romantic, carefree Parisian’ style, is frequently modeled by bloggers of all nationalities. The clothes they wear are mostly casual-chic – lots of vintage jeans, plaid blazers, and leather boots, and while their outfits are beautiful, they aren’t flashy or overly coordinated. It’s likely you wouldn’t even notice them on the street because they’re just so effortless.


Nothing screams elegance and sophistication like an all-white outfit. Oh and by the way, the old fashioned rule to not wear white after Labor Day went out of style like 4 years ago.


Keep it simple with a classic blue jeans + white blouse look. My go-to outfit for when getting groceries and other domestic outings. I really love Fashion Jacksons outfit, she paired jeans and slip-ons with a blazer to give the outfit a more professional feel.

Happy shopping!

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