Command Your Self-Respect

How do we garner our self-respect?

Why should we bother?

To make us happy and fulfilled of course. A man who respects himself is respected by others. A leader is a winner in this world. Someone who respects himself is worth following. Other men and women will look up to him and take his lead.

Let’s be real. People do judge a book by its cover. All the time people are giving off subconscious as well as bloody obvious signals about each other.

A man who has broad shoulders, a strong jawline, walks with his shoulders back and his chin up is going to be respected far more than someone who looks weak, skinny or fat. For anyone that feels that they are weak, skinny or fat, it’s not time to be ashamed. It’s time to accept the harsh reality that it’s time to change, unlike 95% of men who will be upset about how ‘unfair’ the world treats them.

This is a wake up call for a lot of men.

All change starts first with realisation and acceptance. Next, takes action.

Is it really superficial to judge a book by it’s cover?

Yes, of course there are always exceptions. Some men are naturally taller, have nice hair and are more attractive but you can’t fake someone that has genuinely put in the effort and that have tried to reach their genetic potential and become the best version of themselves. Physical attraction is natures way of manifesting how well you function and what resources you have.

What you can control:

  • Your Physique – Everyone has the ability to build a strong, masculine, attractive body. You can build and carve out your physique with your own bare hands. Over the years you can achieve a hunter-like physique with strong shoulders, a wide chest and a narrow waist. This isn’t just instinctively attractive to women but it also commands respect amongst other men. See how to get this attractive physique here.
  • Your Face – Our faces are determined by environmental circumstances much more than we probably think. You can lower your body fat percentage to reveal your cheekbones and jawline. Some people have more prevalent jaw and cheekbones and this is for a few reasons. A strong wide jawline is a signal of high testosterone and YOU are able to increase your testosterone levels. Also, the masseter (chewing) muscles around your jaw will make your jaw look look wider if they are worked harder and for longer, just like any other muscle. There is also mewing which is a natural way of changing the face. Best way to explain this is by a video:
  • Your State – How you feel, act and respond on a day to day basis is determined by YOU. This is your default setting and this can be changed! You decide how you react to the things around you. If you think you’re having a bad day then at some point you decided you were having a bad day. It’s all about your frame of mind. I go fully into this and show you how to implement it here.
  • Your Body Language – Your body language is a manifestation of how you feel. Someone who genuinely feels confident in himself will carry that with him all the time and this will be shown in his posture, eye contact, how they walk, etc. If you respect yourself, this will show in your body language and this will help you be respected by others. The cool thing is, because your body language and your emotions are so closely linked to each other, you can change the way you feel by consciously changing your body language.

Why do those points matter for commanding respect?

Your respect is determined mostly by the way you act and you look because both things are represented by how well you’ve grown up, your hardships, struggles, physical exercise and nutrition, amongst other things.

If you can level up these things which you can control then you will be respected far more. All these points link together; your state is going to represent a high status man. You know this man is high status because of his body language; he owns the space around him and takes almost a regal-like stance; showing high testosterone and serotonin levels. These hormones that he creates through his body language and current state increase his overall energy levels. He then uses this to go to the gym which also increases other feel good hormones and allows for him to release any aggression in a controlled and disciplined manner. Overtime, the way this mans lifestyle plays out has meant that he has a strong masculine physique and a more attractive face.


Stop being a victim and take control of your life. With what you can now control, work on these points and make yourself a high status individual that earned his respect and is successful in life.

If you imagine yourself at work or at home while colleagues and family talk about how much they aspire to be like you and you want this to be you. Then I recommend the book Higher Status.

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  2. This article reminds me of a character in Willy Russel’s book “The Wrong Boy”. The main character Raymond Marks has a bold and witty grandmother who likes to say “pity never peeled a potato”. As you might be aware, Willy Russel is the author of the play Educating Rita, which also has a movie version.

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