Overcoming Emasculation

We are currently suffering from the most significant disease of our civilisation, and it’s not covid. 

It’s the Emasculation of the Western Man.

By the egalitarian conformity of post-modern society, men are fearful, lazy and nihilistic; lacking a meaningful purpose in life. 

First, we must bring light on this issue to solve it and live happier, more purposeful lives. 

I feel that only the minority of readers will internalise this post; there is always a median by nature. For example, in the animal kingdom, there are many sheep and fewer lions. The ‘sheep’ may not be able to internalise and transcend, but there could be sleeping lions out there, and that may be you

Most men are working a 9-5 job in a viscous monotonous cycle. This cycle has played a part in making existential nihilism the dominant quasi-religion in western civilisation. 

This is dangerous because it makes men stagnate owing to his lack of purpose. He then turns away from creation and gets caught up in endless consumption.

We need to realise that our time is running out!

Ask yourself whether you’re numbing the chronic meaningless of life with hedonistic consumption.

Great men take action and create!

These great men are secretly envied or publicly ridiculed. 

If you experience envy, you introspect, let it highlight what weaknesses you need to work on and perceive it as a challenge and opportunity for accomplishment and fulfilment. 

Why do people conform so willingly?

Firstly, it is evident that most people conform, as shown in Asche’s famous line study.

Nearly 75 per cent of the participants in the conformity experiments went along with the rest of the group at least one time.

You can argue that people conform to avoid confrontation, public ridicule or are just lazy; which could be applied to most men.

This result exemplifies the mindset of obedience, patience and humility. 

The result is today’s society which preaches weakness and passivism as virtues and elevates victimhood to sainthood. 

The western man has lost faith in the afterlife as a positive outlook. Thus, the suffering throughout a lifetime is amplified because there is no heavenly salvation to comfort the pain. Furthermore, fewer men are planting trees for generations to come. Civilisation is mostly concerned with numbing the pain of death anxiety. It denies suffering as a critical element of the human experience, demonises any form of violence and promotes hedonistic escapism. The desire to build a society that denies the value of pain and suffering leads to the constant expansion of the state, which results in an increase in reliance on the state and diminishes your self-control. 

The state offers to ‘protect’ its citizens from death while simultaneously providing pleasure and comfort. This comfort turns humans into herd animals that live ignorant of their mortality and without purpose.

Instead, it would be best if you faced your mortality head on to overcome death anxiety.


Instead of getting dopamine highs off of more self-help videos on YouTube, take action.

Can’t protect yourself?

Go to a boxing club. And, if you get your tooth knocked out; you’ve probably learnt a heck more than a YouTube clip. 


Start a business. Get offers turned down. 

Want sex?

Get rejected.

Face yourself. 

The safe route leads nowhere. It’s avoiding you.

Today’s society feminises men. Men were born to fight, suffer and create. 

How do you create?

Through force and destruction.

This post is merely a trigger to realise that you could be drifting through life like leaves in the wind. Remember, this post won’t truly reach most people. You have to hit bottom to understand the finiteness of your existence. Then you can embrace your short life and take action to fulfil it.

This article references the philosophies of Nietzche, and I give credit to Bob Doyle for some points.

2 Comments on “Overcoming Emasculation

  1. I can relate to some of what you’ve written. I agree that a lot of people feel trapped within the bounds of orthodoxy and are trying to hide their despair with a hedonistic lifestyle instead of fighting to create the life they really want to live.

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