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The Truth Behind GCSE Grades 2020

Coronavirus has had a lot of disastrous impacts globally. One of the lesser publicised catastrophes that have occurred as a result of lockdown, is the current situation with GCSE and A-Level grades. In the Isle of Man, among other places in the world, in May/June Year 11 (students age 15-16) sit GCSE examinations, ordinarily. These grades determine whether or not you can attend to sixth form (school for those age 16-18, non-compulsory)…. Read More

Age is No Excuse to Avoid a Real Debate

The word ‘teenager’ has become synonymous with laziness, disrespect, recklessness and stupidity. Although, I can think of many examples that would seem to verify this stereotype, I argue that the use of the words ‘teenager’ and ‘child’ in order to belittle ideas, feelings and opinions, is simply ageism and worse than that, it’s a kind of prejudice that seems to be accepted in society. I feel it shouldn’t be and should be… Read More

Age 16 I can consent to sex – why am I being asked for parental consent for my image to be used online?

I live on the Isle of Man. I turned 16 five months ago and since then have been partaking in many of the privileges that brings in my nation, for example; I have a learners’ permit for a car; live largely independent from my parents; hold my own bank account; have (until lockdown) been enjoying aeroplane travel alone without assistance; will be able to vote (when the next election is held); have… Read More

The Most Powerful Psychological Technique (How You Can Use It)

What is the loss aversion bias and how can you use it in your copy? First, let me tell you a little story. Only earlier today it was so hot. Me and my girlfriend went to the beach and got some Ice cream as you do. Then the unforgivable happened. A big blob of ice cream fell and it’s like I saw it fall in slow motion. Everyone knows the tragedy of… Read More

How I Overcame the Fear of Public Speaking

I understand this is a common issue that a lot of people face and no matter what, at some point you’re going to come to a situation where you have to speak publicly, whether it being a uni presentation, giving a lecture or a wedding speech. I remember that I had the mindset to do things that I’m scared of because I knew that overcoming the adversity would change me for the… Read More

Why do fitness models eat pizza?

In this day and age social media influencers love to post all their fancy meals and there is a lot of media output in general on eating salads and other various forms of rabbit food. On the other end of the spectrum, you also get influencers who post themselves with a box of pizza and a tonne of junk food. It really doesn’t help people understand what is the right way to… Read More

HOW TO lose weight

I’m not going to go into detail introducing you to this post. There’s the title, here is the answer. I’ll give you a formula but it must be applied. I’ll tell you how. After all, what’s the point in information without implementation. Calorie Deficit The most important aspect is to be in a caloric deficit. What’s a caloric deficit? A caloric deficit is simply consuming less calories than the amount required to… Read More

Top Fashion Trends of Summer 2020

We’ve put together a line up of the top fashion trends of Summer 2020 to help you get online shopping for your summer holidays. NEUTRAL TONES (NUDES & BEIGES) DRESS LIKE A PARISIAN WHITE MONOCHROME OUTFITS CLASSIC JEANS + WHITE TEE COMBO Happy shopping!

Women who Changed the World

In this unusual time globally, it’s more important than ever to remember the things that unite us all. One of these things is history, which is why we have decided to make a little list of women who have changed the world, this list doesn’t even begin to cover it! (In no particular order). Malala Yousafzi Dr. Mae Jemison Shirin Ebadi We hope we have inspired you by telling you about the… Read More

Our Top Braid Hairstyles of 2020 (so far!)

Bored of the same old braids? Finding new styles, but don’t know how to do them? We’ve put together our line up of top hairstyles of 2020 (so far!) along with easy, clear tutorials. The Waterfall Braid The Pull Through Braid The Half Up Half Down Fishtail Braid Inspired by this post? Post a photo on Instagram! Don’t forget to tag us @2.birds_1.stone and use our hashtag #2birds1stoneblog.


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