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Overcoming Emasculation

We are currently suffering from the most significant disease of our civilisation, and it’s not covid.  It’s the Emasculation of the Western Man. By the egalitarian conformity of post-modern society, men are fearful, lazy and nihilistic; lacking a meaningful purpose in life.  First, we must bring light on this issue to solve it and live… Read More

Why I Don’t Wear a Red Poppy

Autumn marches forward, and soon we are in November, that means one thing; Christmas is just around the corner. Christmas shopping, Black Friday, Day of the Dead in some cultures. But in my culture (Manx – British Crown Dependency) it also means a hail of Armed Forces Parades, religious remembrance services for the dead (with… Read More

The Job For You (Opening Up About Career Choices and Mistakes)

From the age of 5, when I started school, teachers were already telling me to think about what job you want to do. It was always everyday things such as working in a supermarket, being a policeman or a firefighter. Teachers would keep insisting this throughout primary and secondary school, and no jobs appealed to… Read More

The Fun of Starbucks

Starbucks. I really love their strong coffee. But it’s more than that. There’s the whole experience;First, I have to deal with that line-up. Depending on the location and time of dayYour gonna find about 6 to 8 people in that line-up. Well, that’s when Starbucks does this curious thing… They’re aware they have 8 or… Read More

Biblical Gender Roles

This is the first time I have done this, and I do not intend to make it into a habit. Recently, I found a delightful little website; Before you continue with my article,  dear reader, I invite you to cast your eyes over the website above as a whole and have a little look… Read More

Command Your Self-Respect

How do we garner our self-respect? Why should we bother? To make us happy and fulfilled of course. A man who respects himself is respected by others. A leader is a winner in this world. Someone who respects himself is worth following. Other men and women will look up to him and take his lead…. Read More

How to Determine Your Physique Goals

I have found that a lot of people (including me) want to go to the gym to get ‘fit’, ‘lose weight’ or get ‘shredded’, and that’s great, but, I will help you get a much clearer picture of what your ideal physique looks like. Visualisation is vital, which is why I have dedicated this post… Read More

Animal Testing is Outdated

I am a huge advocate for animal rights and welfare coming first, regardless of the reason the experimentation is taking place. I argue that with certain advancements, animal testing is simply outdated and no longer necessary. However, I do sympathise with anyone who has to choose between a loved one’s life and animal testing taking… Read More

Examples of Symbolism in Literature

Symbolism is often used in literature to paint colourful scenes. It affords the writer artistic expression that supersedes bland writing. Beyond that, symbolism also allows readers to visualize complex or difficult subjects. And, if nothing else, it presents readers at the local book club with an opportunity to pick apart various lines of text, searching for… Read More

9 Activities to Kick Off the Autumn Season!

Autumn is almost upon us! The leaves are about to start changing, the days will get shorter, and mornings will grow chillier and crisp as summer fades away. Though we will miss long summer days and warm nights (Queue “Summer Nights” from Grease), we have a brand new, exciting season approaching! So why not start… Read More


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