We are currently suffering from the most significant disease of our civilisation, and it’s not covid.  It’s the Emasculation of the Western Man. By the egalitarian conformity of post-modern society, men are fearful, lazy and nihilistic; lacking a meaningful purpose in life.  First, we must bring light on this issue to solve it and live happier, more purposeful lives.  I feel that only the minority of readers will internalise this post; there… Read More

How do we garner our self-respect? Why should we bother? To make us happy and fulfilled of course. A man who respects himself is respected by others. A leader is a winner in this world. Someone who respects himself is worth following. Other men and women will look up to him and take his lead. Let’s be real. People do judge a book by its cover. All the time people are giving… Read More

I understand this is a common issue that a lot of people face and no matter what, at some point you’re going to come to a situation where you have to speak publicly, whether it being a uni presentation, giving a lecture or a wedding speech. I remember that I had the mindset to do things that I’m scared of because I knew that overcoming the adversity would change me for the… Read More

Do you ever feel like you set yourself a goal and it’s all going good when you start, while you’re motivated, but then you take a day off and before you know it you’re back where you’ve started? I know that feeling, and these secrets will help you with that problem. 1) Be Specific How often do you hear someone say “I’m going to get shredded this summer” or “I’m going to… Read More